Innovative mobillity solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.


Automotive industry is rapidly transforming and it’s important to keep up with the needs of today's customers to stay relevant. At SpiceFactory, we understand the changing needs of modern customers and we know how to address them.

Car dashboard

Consumers expect the same user experience (UX) in their vehicles as what they enjoy in their personal devices. This is why transportation vehicles today need to be much more than just the engine and the wheels.

Gear mechanism

We’ve been working with our partners on telematics and telemetric solutions to create truly functional connected car experiences for the end users.

Mac and iphone screen

Our solutions are available as both web and mobile platforms, and include OBD diagnostics, remote control, live tracking, geofencing, and car performance analytics and reporting.

Mifi drive app
Mifi drive screen
Tracking app
Directed smart start app
Directed smart start screen
Directed smart start Viper screen
Lotwatch analytics screen
Lotwatch app
Lotwatch vehicle screen

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Milos Zikic
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