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SpiceFactory creates beautifully designed software systems that naturally connect and map user interactions. We incorporate empathy in every digital product we design to address user needs and efficiently solve their problems. It’s all about people-first interfaces and enriching user’s lives with software.

The business value of design.

Exceptional design is one of the biggest competitive differentiators in today’s market. It elevates user experiences, increases customer satisfaction, and builds a desired brand image.

Design-driven companies get the best talent and outperform their competitors in terms of revenue growth.

We can help you leverage design to its fullest potential so that it creates measurable value and imerses your target customers into the bigger story of your business across the buyer’s journey.

Infuse personality into your product.

At SpiceFactory, we focus on developing products with personality. We believe that a digital product interface should act as a compassionate guide walking users through the entire process, from onboarding to successfully completing their tasks.

“Digital products, like people, can be one-directional in a sense that they talk at users with absolutely no regard for their feelings and their needs. On the other hand, they can also be engaging and mindful of user needs, drawing them into meaningful interactions,”

– Dragana Krtinic, Designer & Illustrator, SpiceFactory

Our design services can help beautify your product’s interface in order to shape your users’ mood from the first interaction and impact the way they solve problems and complete tasks.

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Win customers with empathy.

UI illustrations help clarify complex ideas, concepts or processes by interpreting them visually. They help digital products establish an emotional connection with users, build a narrative, and enable effortless decision making for the user.

Empower users to be more successful with your product.

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Builds customer trust.

Exceptional design that incorporates illustrations gives a more personal tone to the way you communicate with users, making your brand seem more human and more approachable. This sense of human connection in a digital world is what helps build trust and loyalty over the long run.

Make your brand unforgettable.

Design has the power to make your brand stick in the minds of your target audience. Unique graphic elements and illustrations can make your UI design recognizable, supporting the website or digital product branding.

Brands that maintain a unified illustrations style on their website, app, and social media channels benefit from people automatically associating the design with their company.

Using design internally to spice up our brand

At SpiceFactory, we really care about our visual story. We believe it helps us better connect with people we care about, including our customers, partners, and employees. Our mission is to make work more human, so we place people at the very center of design.

We are inspired by our customers, we feel them and we care about them, and that’s what we want to show through our website and digital products.

Taking things further, we like to add exciting new designs to our main branding, like these quirky and relatable SpiceFactory robots. They communicate our culture nicely and they’re super easy to print, so we’ve printed them in all sizes and materials, from pins and T-shirts to window foils.