Internet Of Things

Connecting Devices Around Us

Internet of Things
Machine to machine

Advances in technology have enabled “things” to talk to each other, making devices smarter and connected. Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology paradigm that refers to a growing interconnected network of smart devices capable of collecting, exchanging and analyzing data, and providing remote services.

Integrating and controlling

Integrating and controlling a range of sensors and hardware components and getting actionable data is the key to leveraging the benefits of IoT. Cloud solutions (AWS, Google Cloud) enables efficient platform development and auto scalability to store data for analysis, visualisation, and predictive analytics.

Crucial component of every business

This enables use data collected via IoT-enabled devices for a range of applications. We've delivered IoT software solutions that include telematics, telemetric, optical recognition, remote control and security, connected car systems, agricultural solutions, and smart city solutions.

IOT Vehicle Management
IOT Vehicle Live Tracking
IOT Smart Notifications
IOT Surgery Center Analytics
IOT Car Repair Tracking
IOT Surgery Center Internal Monitor

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