Digital Strategy

SpiceFactory helps you realize the growth opportunities provided by new technologies so your business can deliver significant results in the digital economy. Our strategy consultancy services are designed to help you innovate digitally, while strengthening your core business capabilities and boosting the performance of existing digital assets.

A documented digital strategy will help expand the limits of your business so you can create value for your customers now and in the future.

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Holistic Approach

We’ll approach the work on your digital strategy in a holistic manner, taking into account business, design and technology requirements in order to maximize your investment. Our team of digital strategists, UX/UI designers and product engineers will take part in creating a strategy that covers all grounds and results in a compelling and profitable digital product or service.

Comprehensive Product Strategy

We partner with your company to develop a comprehensive strategy for a new digital product to help you launch quickly while minimising risk, achieve product-market fit, and sustain the growth of your product. We work with you to understand your goals around growth and revenue, and define the product strategy that will meet your needs and goals.

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Research & Discovery

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Product value proposition

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Benchmarking & Competitive Analysis

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User Research

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Product Goal Definition

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Product Conception

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Pricing Strategy

Our process is built to help you quickly create, iterate, and act on your product strategy so that you can capture market share faster.

A Trusted Digital Innovation Partner

We work with our clients to develop actionable strategies that map out the path forward to successful implementation of new business models, products, and features.

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By combining strategic guidance with technical know-how, we’ll collaborate with you to:

  • Facilitate innovation

    Reduce time to market

  • Enable rapid development

    Create new opportunities for growth.