Hi there, this is our first post. We will tend to blog about interesting stuff here. Expect from us deep insights into the latest tech, UX research insights, best management practices and great tips.

So let me introduce us:

SpiceFactory makes super hot digital products.

If we had to pick one word which describes us, we’d pick two which do the opposite — status quo. We’re on a constant lookout for better ways of making or making use of products. That’s the reason we’re huge devotees of functional programming, reactive systems and short espresso. Now you’re thinking we enjoy programming in Scala — you fool!

Exploring both modern and archaic means of making objects work to our advantage is our second nature. If you ever stumble upon us and need a conversation starter, just ask us anything about LISP, fixies, espresso, IoT or weightlifting.

The Experience

Essence of life

When you walk into our office, the first thing you notice is not only the dead-battery-house and the lack of unused space on the whiteboard, but the instant rush of creative energy and words “anything is possible” suddenly forming in your mind.

After enjoying the merits of traditional Serbian hospitality, you will catch yourself enthusiastically presenting your idea about this awesome product and, if you are really sharp-eyed, you will notice we haven’t blinked and our jaws dropped in amazement. Hours have passed, the whiteboard had been erased and filled again with sketches and key points and suddenly the clear path is there — from research to the final product. You will know you have found… the one.

We are a super awesome digital development agency. We cover everything from research to final product.

All you need is an idea, you can count on us to join forces with you to get it to the market.

We focus mainly on web and mobile apps that are bridging the gaps in human-computer interaction. We love to move machines around and understand world better from their sensors. We are very enthusiastic about future technologies.

Our customers come from every corner of the world. We like to think we share with our clients the same passion for what we do.

Working in Tuscany Italy

Creating new experiences is important to us and we like to learn, travel and have fun. We like working from every corner of the world, e.g. above you see us in Tuscany, Italy working on tightening up the project before we go enjoying some wine ;).

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Bear with us, more will come in the following weeks!