We’ve learned a lot about event management over the years and decided to pack all that knowledge in a platform called Sava. It started off as a chatbot for conferences, and has since grown into a full-blown, event management solution. Sava enables organizers to manage events of any size, from small events with up to a 500-1000 attendees to large conferences with 10000+ people.

We want to make Sava even better, and this is where you come in. Since we need Sava to be as flexible and responsive as possible, that is how we’d like our engineers, too. We hire people with a broad set of technical skills, whom we can rely on and who will be ready to jump in at moment’s notice and create wonderful things.

Preferred skill-set:

We strive to make Sava usable for anyone, and that is why we primarily focus on customer needs and functionalities which will improve user experience. Here’s what you should know to help us achieve that:

  • React, React Native, Node
  • Work on relational and noSQL bases
  • Experience with serverless systems
  • Knowledge of functional programming
  • Understanding of user-interface and value that software brings to users

You will be working on NLP (natural language processing) layer, integration, conversational channels (Facebook, Viber, Skype, Amazon Alexa, Google Home), real-time interfaces on the Web and mobile devices, all using JavaScript.

You do not necessarily need to be a complete technical fit. However, you do need to have comparable experience and skill set. You should also be comfortable with using all the standard tools used in modern software development, from code versioning and IDE, to activity management tools.

Here’s what is most important:

You are a cheerful person willing to learn and grow. You like to be challenged and are ready to dedicate your time to solving problems in a most efficient way. You share, care and improve yourself and those around you.

What about the team:

The team has been meticulously picked, by the same criteria that refer to you. Company’s leadership is experienced in building several startups and actively involved in improving regional tech community.

What we offer:

Everything you need to improve your contribution to the effort is at your disposal.You can choose your equipment and customize your workspace, plus we’ll sponsor your participation at conferences you wish to attend or speak on. If you don’t like to cook, we’ll relieve you from that too - just choose your lunch and have a pleasant meal, it’s on us. Enjoy in sharing the success of the company via yearly bonuses.

And, yes, take a look at our workation experience. You can be a part of that, too.