Leaders in Conversational AI.

Powering the future of B2C conversations

SpiceFactory has been at the forefront of Conversational AI innovation long before the chatbot hype. Building advanced proprietary technology in this domain positioned us a leading provider of custom-built Conversational AI solutions for businesses across industries.

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Powerful AI Platform

At the core of our platform for building conversational interfaces is NLP and domain-driven Machine Learning.

Our pre-trained models enable easy out-of-the-box application of this technology for businesses, while our intuitive training UI enables the creation of additional models and further customization that fits the specific needs of your business.

Advanced Conversational Intelligence

At SpiceFactory, we believe in the power of User Experience to transform the way businesses are run. Our goal is to bring companies closer to their customers and engage them with conversational AI on any platform (Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, in-app, Website, Alexa, etc.) and on any device.

Our Response Engine is contextual and understands that different platforms provide different interfaces and that users have different habits. Therefore, all responses are fitted to provide the best possible user experience and take full advantage of the platform they’re exposed on via quick replies, smart buttons, rich templates, and more.

Controlling the NLP layer helps us evolve the conversational AI solution as we learn, adjust to new communication patterns, and support new languages as the product grows.

Building AI Expertise into Our Own Products

Using our core AI platform with its robust conversation builder and a proprietary NLP system, we’ve built four chatbot products for three different verticals: Events, Banking, and Hospitality.

The available in-house components allow us to enhance and adapt a conversation state machine for these specific use cases, and to elevate messaging platform capabilities.

Sava Events - AI Assistant for Events, Meetings and Conferences

Sava Events features an event chatbot that can instantly provide schedule and speaker info, suggest relevant talks to attendees, and handle FAQs.

From booking tickets to providing feedback, Sava Events AI assistant gives a personalized experience to attendees at every stage of the event.

Cognito - Intelligent Chatbots for Banking

Cognito banking chatbot enables banks to interact with customers on their preferred messaging channels and provide always-on, friction-free banking experience with no apps or menus

With Cognito, banks can deliver financial information and transactions on-demand, provide contextually-aware offers, and offer 24/7 personalized support to their customers via messaging.

Rungage - AI Assistant for Running Event Organizers

Rungage helps race directors automate support, FAQs, announcements, and race updates and interact with runners through channels they already use and love e.g. Facebook Messenger, Viber, or Slack. No logins, no passwords, no extra app for runners to download.

Perdico - Hotel Chatbot Concierge

Perdico is a chatbot concierge built to help hotels automate service desk and provide their customers with personalized recommendations and support.

Our digital concierge can send highly personalized offers to guests based on prior visits, provide travel planning tips, forward requests to a customer service rep, get feedback on service, and more.