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Our vehicles have gotten smarter and are becoming a part of the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) universe. Both established industry players and new entrants need to tap into this source of growth to ensure success in a new mobility landscape.

Car dashboard

Buyers now have more digital demands and these primarily concern more connectivity, active safety, infotainment, autonomy, remote control, etc. Technology is therefore the key to developing new business models that automotive companies and solution providers can capitalize on, now and in the future.

Gear mechanism

We’ve been working with our partners on telematics and telemetric solutions to create truly functional connected car experiences for the end users.

Mac and iphone screen

The SpiceFactory team has experience building bespoke connected car systems, including OBD car diagnostics applications, remote control systems, geofencing apps, real-time GPS tracking and key vehicle indicators systems.

Mifi drive app
Mifi drive screen
Tracking app
Directed smart start app
Directed smart start screen
Directed smart start Viper screen
Lotwatch analytics screen
Lotwatch app
Lotwatch vehicle screen

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Milos Zikic
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