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Research that sets the vision.

Branko and Nino going over the gathered data

process research

Before we design or build anything for you, we want to make sure we have a clear understanding of your product requirements and goals, as well as your customers’ wants, needs, and expectations.

We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods to:

  • Acquire existing market research data

  • Define measurable goals

  • Scope out target user personas

  • Conduct customer interviews

process charts

User research phase is critical to a successful UX strategy, providing the baseline data that will drive all design decisions.

process journey

Mapping User Journeys

Next, we put together all the information from user research to develop journey maps and visualize how a user interacts with your product.

The idea is to look at the whole experience from the user’s point of view and then use journey maps as a strategic planning and prioritization tool for the project.

User Experience

UX first approach to crafting bespoke web and mobile products.

Iterative design plays a big part in our process.

process meeting

“We go through as many iterations as needed to deliver the final product that aligns with market needs, gets to the core of users’ needs, and delivers on their expectations.”

– Branko Tomić, CXO, SpiceFactory

Our team of UX designers apply methodologies such as rapid prototyping, ongoing usability testing, and iterative design to create solutions that enable new user behaviors and drive business growth.

process hand
process wireframes

Wireframes for an esports coaching platform

process discussion

Branko and Jovan discussing very early wireframes

Product Validation Methods

We perform both live user tests and remote usability testing. If the team is working on reimagining the existing client product, we perform 2 rounds of testing: with existing solution and testing the new approach.

  • Live user testing

    In-person interview process to gather data so we can evaluate pain points, layout and workflow issues, and opportunities for improvement.

  • Remote Usability Testing

    We share an app prototype with target users, assign tasks, and monitor their interaction with the screens to identify usability problems.

  • User surveys

    We issue surveys to gather quantitative and qualitative data about users and their reactions to a design or a finished product.


Designing a digital product is not just about being in charge of its aesthetics, but also making sure it is useful and usable.

process lw

We do this by iterating over sketches and progressing to lo-fidelity wireframes followed by iterations on high-fidelity designs. At the conclusion of this iterative process, we are able to deliver a final design for deployment.

We design digital products for beyond satisfaction to provide enjoyable and meaningful experiences, empowering people to do amazing things.

process estarz
process dragana

“Design can solve a problem for your user and delight them at the same time. This is why we always strive to create beautiful designs that work well! Function is beauty and the other way around.”

- Dragana Krtinic, Designer & Illustrator, SpiceFactory


Lean Software Development is what we do. Understand every step on the product journey across industries.

everything from large scale enterprise solutions to end-user applications.

Our experience serves as a guarantee that quality is built into every line of code we produce.

You can rest assured our senior engineers will choose the ideal technology stack to create and deliver high-performance product built for scalability and growth.

We develop products using Agile methodology, with rapid release cycles and functional features at the end of each iteration.

process filip
process jovan

“We aim to establish unconventional and modern architectures that serve as a firm base for fast-paced development of robust solutions.”

– Jovan Erčić, CTO, SpiceFactory

Support & Grow

Scale and grow comes after your product is launched and when users start to use it.

As the business scale, the product will typically evolve and will need to add new functionality to engage users more. We’ll be there to support your growth!

We have worked with SpiceFactory for years - they keep coming with innovative solutions all the time. Super fast product delivery cycles.

– Ken Larson, CEO, Z9 Security

process ken

Working with us is like having a trusted partner that makes sure your product is in the best possible shape and running 24/7. We worry about technology so you don’t have to!