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SpiceFactory creates exceptional digital experiences to help you build brand differentiation, delight people, and earn loyalty from your customers. We connect directly to your business goals to deliver digital product experiences that drive long-term results.

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From UX Audit to User Experience Overhaul

Whether you need an audit of your digital product’s UX or a complete redesign of the user experience you’re providing, we’re here to support you on that journey. Our team of experienced UX/UI designers will work with you to ensure that value to the end user is integrated into the core of your product.

Our UX services are designed to help you deliver a digital product that is a joy to use and a digital experience that strengthens your connection with your customers.

Your UX is Your Differentiator

By delivering an unmatched user experience, you’ll ensure functional and captivating user interactions with your product and the business success will naturally follow. Our team can get you there with UX design that is grounded in data and created to deliver delight.

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UX Design aims to translate business objectives into meaningful design, bridging the gap between technology and business goals.

Our UX Design Process

Our process starts with in-depth user research aligned with the requirements and goals of your business. We get to the core of users’ wants, needs, and challenges to deliver the kind of experiences they’re looking for. A good UX design is grounded in testing and iteration and we rely heavily on this part of the process to ensure that each design decision is validated before implementation.

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The idea behind UX testing is to understand and design factors that actually matter to users.

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Cross-Industry Expertise

Our UX design team has created different types of apps and software systems for all major industries. Their wide experience in all aspects of User Experience design, from ideation to end product, serves as a guarantee that you will get a polished product that is both visually appealing and a joy to use.

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We specialize in:

  • UX strategy consulting

    Mobile app UX & UI

  • User Experience Audit

    Web application UX & UI