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Legacy Reengineering

SpiceFactory works with enterprise clients to perform a detailed audit of their systems and develop solutions that meet their requirements and scale to grow with the business. Our goal is to help you adapt your existing systems to changing market and business needs, while maximizing your technology investments.

Legacy systems reengineering allows you to reinvent your business model in order to stay competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace.

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Identifying Transformational Opportunities

Legacy systems lack flexibility and adaptability of modern software systems, making it difficult for enterprises to reinvent their business model in order to remain competitive. Our team can help you identify opportunities for modernization, moving your legacy system towards new technologies, platforms, and operating environments.

Complete Rewrite or Incremental Modernization

We’ll partner with you to determine the best approach to legacy reengineering for your business. Depending on the results of our audit, you may need to start writing your legacy system from scratch in a new technology or do a refactor, eliminate any technical debt, and modernize the legacy system incrementally.

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Support in All Phases of Modernization

We’ll support you through all phases of legacy system modernization, from complete system audit and business analysis, to legacy codebases refactoring, testing, and implementation. We’ll reengineer your system using the latest technology and with strong focus on user experience, stability, and performance.

By reengineering legacy software, you’ll improve the business value of your product without having to start from scratch.

Why Reengineer?

Due to outdated outdated technology legacy systems are built on, they become increasingly difficult to maintain. With legacy reengineering, you’ll achieve a much higher degree of maintainability while minimizing maintenance costs. Rebuilding your system with new technologies will also make it easier to add new features as well as to scale the system up to handle increases in user base.

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