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We are a full service digital product development agency focused on crafting innovative web and mobile products which are ahead of their time.

If you are a cheerful person who loves technology, has a sharp mind and quick fingers, this is the place for you.

Values we believe in –
transparency, made with love, team play, constant improvement, be the change you want to see

What do you get?

Greatest successes are achieved with great support in the best environment. We do our best to provide this kind of working environment. This is why we put a lot of effort in finding people who fit in properly.

We believe in taking responsibility in all areas, including equipment so we want yours to be the perfect fit for your needs. This is why we provide you with a budget for your desired equipment as well as personal development.

Our standard equipment consists of MacBook Pro computer and 24" monitor.

How to join us?

Sends as an email containing your LinkedIn profile and contact info at IWantToBeAPartOf@spicefactory.co

Business & Pleasure

SpiceFactory crew at Šiljak, the top of the Rtanj mountain, Serbia
Jovan and Miloš in the gym, flexing muscles
SpiceFactory sticker on the top of the Rtanj mountain
Voxxed Days Belgrade 2015 monster trophy eating Tamara in front of Branko’s eyes
Branko at the Amuse Conf 2016, Budapest
Dragana, our visual storyteller, drawing
Miloš watching Branko jumping in the pool
Team celebrating Marko’s birthday
Теam cheering at the running race finish line, waving banners, and firing confetti
Branko and Miloš, with their significant others, at the typical italian villa in Tuscany
SpiceFactory guys preparing to race kartings around a circuit
Filip, our youngest and brightest team member, smiling to the camera during a company dinner