Financial UX Audit.

Get fast, actionable recommendations to improve the UX of your bank’s digital products.

Tap into the expertise of User Experience designers and product makers that speak the language of finance fluently.

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With our UX Audit, banks have went on to transform their clunky, outdated and complex websites and apps into amazing online experiences that build meaningful bank-client relationships.

We help you create better digital banking experiences so you can build brand differentiation, delight people, and earn loyalty from your clients.

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Holistic Approach to Banking UX Audit

At the core of our UX Audit is the focus on researching your customers and then understanding how they use your banking products and services.

Holistic approach to banking UX audit

What motivates your customers?

Holistic approach to banking UX audit

How they behave on your website or app?

Holistic approach to banking UX audit

Where and why are they dropping off?

Holistic approach to banking UX audit

What drives them to use more of your digital services?

The Components of Banking UX Audit

SpiceFactory - user research


Performing validated user research aligned with your business goals.

SpiceFactory - usability testing

Usability Testing

Testing and analyzing the ability of users to complete tasks in your website and/or app.

SpiceFactory - UI Audit

UI Audit

Analyzing your site or app interface heuristically to suggest user-centered improvements.

SpiceFactory - Final Report

Final Report

A detailed, visual report outlining how to get your digital banking product to reach its full potential.

Our Expertise in Banking and Finance

SpiceFactory – Fintech icon

Hands on experience of working with banks, financial service companies, and fintech startups.

SpiceFactory – Fintech icon

UX researchers with a background in finance ensure a deep understanding of your customers’ financial reasoning and behavior.

SpiceFactory – Fintech icon

Proven financial UX audit methodologies and best practices to help drive the best possible ROI and ROE.

SpiceFactory – Fintech icon

A team of UX designers and researchers packaged their expertise in a unique UX Audit product designed for banks and fintech.

The UX Audit Packages

Single Channel UX Audit

With complete UX Audit, you’ll ensure that your digital banking product is designed to be secure and meet the increasingly sophisticated user expectations of web/mobile experiences.

Whether it’s a mobile banking app, website, or online banking platform, the UX audit ensures that you transform a complex solution into a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

  • Usability research & testing

  • Industry benchmarks

  • Single channel review

  • All identified issues

  • Actionable recommendations for fixing UX & Usability issues

  • Comprehensive visual report

Starts at $80,000

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Omnichannel UX Audit

Understand how users behave on different devices and create a banking experience that resonates across digital channels with consistent information and look and feel.

Engage more holistically with clients across digital channels to maintain exceptional client loyalty and advocacy.

  • User research & testing

  • Industry benchmarks

  • Review of your core digital products and services

  • All identified issues

  • Actionable recommendations for fixing UX & Usability issues

  • Comprehensive visual report

Starts at $150,000

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The Financial UX Audit process

Our process enables us to perform a comprehensive audit of your service and the behavior patterns of your users in a short time frame.

Going quickly from research to testing and design ideation, we deliver recommendations for the overall improvement of your banking User Experience.

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Why purchase one of our UX Audit packages?

The SpiceFactory team has researched online banking customers behavior for years and has audited the UX, tested the UI, and consulted for a number of banks and fintech companies.

SpiceFactory - user behavior

Understand users like never before

Understand users’ problems, needs, wants, financial cognition and financial behavior on a deeper level to design experiences that customers are looking for.

SpiceFactory - insight

Insights from experienced thinkers & makers

Want to make slight improvements in your UX/UI or push the boundaries of digital banking? We know how to make it happen.

SpiceFactory - recommendations

Get actionable UX recommendations

Get well-researched and tested recommendations that will elevate your digital banking experience and strengthen customer retention.

What you’ll buy is an assurance that you’ll deliver an easy, streamlined, and meaningful user experience on your bank’s digital products.

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The improvements in the UX design of your bank’s website, your online banking platform, or mobile banking app could yield conversion rates up to 400%!


How long will the UX Audit take?

The size, complexity, and nature of the product often dictate the minimum time it takes to complete the Banking UX audit. Typically it takes between 1-3 months.

Does this include ready-to-deploy design?

The UX Audit includes the delivery of design recommendations for fixing the usability of your digital products and improving the overall user experience. However, this is not the final UI design but a set of systems and practices on how to proceed.

Can SpiceFactory implement the UX design improvements?

This is not included in our UX Audit product. However, you can hand over the proposed design to the SpiceFactory implementation team which would be treated and charged as a separate service.

Do you have the capacity to build the solutions proposed during the UX Audit?

SpiceFactory is a product development company working with clients from the financial and banking industry to design, build and support new digital products and services.

Our team of software engineers and product leaders combine decades of experience in building and scaling enterprise-grade digital products. We have the experience and the know-how to successfully implement even the most technically complex projects.