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UX. Engineering. Product Development.

SpiceFactory helps leaders in the fitness industry develop scalable, responsive, and user-centered solutions.

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UX. Engineering. Product Development.

SpiceFactory helps leaders in the fitness industry develop scalable, responsive, and user-centered solutions.

Fitness Platform to Empower Trainer-Client relationship

MyFitWorld approached us to build a platform that would enable Trainers to easily create digital versions of exercises and training sessions and allow for easier communication with Clients, giving them clear instructions on how to achieve maximum fitness results.

SpiceFactory was brought in during the early stages of concept development, helping to define the value proposition, features, and interaction model. Our team was also responsible for the full design, UX and engineering.

Creating an all-encompassing experience for businesses, trainers and clients

In order to build a product that all parties involved would love, we’ve decided to go to the place where it all started - the gym. We’ve conducted extensive contextual observation and multiple workshops with clients in order to fully understand the underlying business and how to build a powerful and robust fitness platform that caters to all users' needs.

Flexible workout & program creation

The workout creation module is flexible enough so that trainers can create workouts and programs fully adapted to client’s needs. Trainer can set up different parameters related to number of sets, reps, rounds, breaks, equipment type, workout location, and similar.

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Real-time management & reporting

Business owners and trainers have a real-time overview of all activities on the platform and can easily manage content, organizations, trainers, and clients.

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Immersive workout experience for the clients

Client-side mobile app is designed to be used at home, outside, or in the gym, for a workout session without interruptions.

Real-time messaging via in-app chat

Clients have access to the chat feature for direct, real-time communication with their trainers. Since they get instantly notified in their app, Trainers will never lose track of a message or miss an important client conversation. This allows the client to have a personal training experience without the trainer actually being there in person.

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Building multi-tenant real time SaaS solution

The MVP had to provide a lot of functionalities to demonstrate the value to the trainers and choosing the best technology to enable speed of execution and scalability was very important.

Google Firebase has proven to be a great choice for developing applications with the constraints mentioned above. Firestore offers real-time storage with developer friendly client libraries that provide real time data access. Cloud functions are well-integrated into the Firebase BaaS and helped us develop the whole platform as a fully serverless solution.

Users get access through web and mobile apps. Web has been developed as a PWA with mobile utilizing React Native.

74% of Americans used at least one fitness app during quarantine, and 60% now plan on canceling their gym membership for good. Source

Platform capabilities

MyFitWorld is a platform built specifically for Professionals (fitness trainers, sports coaches, physiotherapists), Businesses (gyms, fitness and wellness centers, sports clubs) and Clients (athletes, recreationists, and sports enthusiasts) and it is divided into three parts closely dependent on each other.

Multiprogram training management app for Trainers

The MyFitWorld Web app is built for the new age of digital fitness and it enables Trainers to earn more by selling their programs directly through the app.

It enables Trainers to build their profile, invite their clients to the platform, and then easily create custom training sessions either by uploading their own videos or by choosing from a huge database of prerecorded exercise videos (2000+ exercises!).

This saves Trainers time and helps them focus on planning for their client’s long term success. There’s a practical Calendar available so they can quickly create training schedules and share them with their clients who then get notified in their Client app. Trainers can track their clients’ progress after each training session through analytics and client’s feedback.

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Client & employee management app for Businesses

The MFW app introduces an additional revenue stream for gyms and fitness clubs by enabling a digital-first approach to working with clients in the post COVID19 world. The app makes it easy for businesses to add new clients, manage Trainers who deliver customized workout plans, track progress, and stay on top of client communication.

Superb training app for Clients (iOS/Android)

The MyFitWorld mobile application for Clients is designed to give users flexibility over how and where they exercise, enabling them to easily track their progress within the app with post workout analytics.

Clients can download the app after receiving an invitation from their Trainer and then receive notifications when their training sessions are ready and scheduled. They have access to Calendar functionality to save training sessions onto their calendar - play them, mark them complete and add notes and comments.

fitness apps

“As gyms and fitness studios were forced to close or go digital, fitness apps grew by nearly 50% during the first half of 2020.” Source

The outcome

MyFitWorld now enables clients to train on their own schedule and at the location of their choosing, while having their trainer with them at all times. Trainers can efficiently handle multiple clients during their day and devote more time to perfecting workout programs and regimens for each individual client.