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Enterprise Digital Transformation: What is Next?

Over the past several years, digital technology has disrupted many industries and triggered a new wave of startups that are...

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Spicy Comic #6

Imagine this scenario: You are out shopping all day and you’ve been browsing stores in different locations. It took you...

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Building the Business Case for Chatbots

Since messaging platforms like Slack, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger opened to third-party chatbots, we’ve seen a massive number...

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Bots from Hype to Reality: A Path to Delivering Value

Bots are everywhere! Just ask Google and it’ll immediately return 100 plus million results.

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Spicy Comic #5

Spicy Comic #5 – The Conference

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The 10 Types of People You Meet at Conferences

We’ve visited a lot of conferences recently! Here’s our llustrated guide to the 10 types of people you meet at conferences.

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How to Design and Build Bots that People Will Love!

Building bots is not as easy as it looks. Here are some tips on how to design chatbots that people will love.

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Spicy Comic #4

Spicy Comic #4 – With Programmers on Programming Conference

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Spicy Comic #3 – Git Bisect

We all hate searching for the cause of a nasty regression. Git history to the rescue!

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Spicy Comic #2

Spicy Comic #2 – The Ball

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Spicy Comic #1

Spicy Comic #1 – Discipline: Coding

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What We Learned About MeteorJS While Building UsabilitySqaure

Let’s have a look at how we used MeteorJS for our new, totally free usability testing platform.

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Slapbot for Slack: Good Old Slap (/slap) Available Again!

This is how we use our slapbot to recreat joyful IRC moments in Slack. Instructions for spicing up your conversations available. :)

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KonceptApp: Best National Cloud/Data Application!

CESA 2015 recognized our revered prototyping tool and encouraged us to keep up the good track.

2 mins read

AWS ELB and Secure WebSockets with Play Framework

AWS ELB does not support WebSocket over TLS by default, and here is how to set it up.

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Keep Your SEO Ranking When Changing Your Site Structure or Moving to a New Domain

Changing the structure of your website can have a bad impact on the ranking you acquired so far.

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Voxxed Conference Interview

We gave an interview for Voxxed Days Belgrade conference about how we build software and what values someone as a software engineer should seek.

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Software is Not Just Some Code Run on a Computer

Our software development practices and why we’ve adopted reactive concepts.

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Prototyping is About Validation

Software should be both useful and usable. Keep iterating until you hit the right spot.

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