Making complex logistics problems simple

Logistics Gears

To unlock profitable growth, logistics companies need to create a digital strategy around their unique value drivers and commit to building new digital products and experiences.

Logistics Puzzle

This will mean digitalization of core processes, such as procurement, distribution, transportation, fleet management, etc., and introduction of completely new business models. Most companies can achieve this either by introducing digital “add on” products to the existing systems or by developing entirely new solutions.

Logistics Minds

As an innovation partner, SpiceFactory helps logistics companies create new product development strategy and implement scalable, responsive, and user-focused solutions that optimize specific logistics and supply chain processes.

We develop sophisticated logistics solutions that fully integrate with the external hardware such as barcode readers, sensors, printers, etc, and support various integrations with third party software solutions (ERP, CRM and other WCMS).

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Marko Ratic

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